Assess the channel’s capabilities and nurture partners to grow​

Alys offers vendors a high-value method to evaluate channel partners at scale and engage with them digitally.​

Alys - powered by Canalys

What is Alys?

Alys is a fully customizable assessment tool created by Canalys channels analysts to evaluate channel partners.

Vendors chose categories to align with their unique strategies. Senior Canalys analysts work with our vendor clients to create a digital questionnaire focused on specific needs.

There is a well-developed back-end structure and algorithm. Alys projects on cybersecurity and sustainability are ready to go. We also offer highly-tailored solutions, customizable to vendors’ requirements to meet their channel partners’ unique needs.

The Alys assessment and report

Partners complete a simple self-assessment form

Respondents receive an immediate downloadable report with personalized guidance

  • Customized design
  • Executive summary
  • Capabilities report
  • Capabilities summary
  • Scoring

Alys offers a range of benefits to vendors and partners

Partners receive immediate actionable recommendations

Vendor gets total landscape view of partners’ capabilities

Offers innovative, high-impact partner communication

Results allow vendor to make data-driven investments in ecosystem

Digital approach replaces time-consuming manual methods of data collection

Individual profiles provide granular data on specific partners’ capabilities

Innovative assessment format combats survey fatigue

Partner business managers use results in discussion with partners

Customize Alys

Customized design: includes your logo, custom text and background image.

Executive summary: each respondent receives an overall score based on their specific Alys responses, including a spider diagram graded across the four questionnaire categories.

Capabilities report: these interactive buttons allow respondents to drill into granular data from Alys.

360 Self-Assessment Report
Each respondent receives a detailed report with individual guidance from the Alys recommendation engine. Content can be customized for each project.
Environment Summary

Capabilities summary: The report provides granular scores across each sub-category. This second spider diagram automatically updates depending on which category is selected above.

Scoring: This traffic light system provides a score for each sub-category across four grades:

1. Lagging
2. Intermediate
3. Advanced
4. Leader

Recommendations: each report offers custom recommendations based on the respondent’s input.

These recommendations can use Canalys data and market insights, vendor messaging and information from third-party sources.

Think about using the recommendations to direct partners toward specific programs and portals.

Provides partners with actionable recommendations based on their responses.
Partners can see how they are doing against their peers.

Benchmarking: this section of the report provides detailed scoring on each response and how it compares to the wider response pool.

This is valuable, actionable information to help partners identify their individual strengths and areas for improvement.

The Alys Analyzer dashboard for vendors

The pooled survey responses allow vendors to identify channel leaders and laggards.

Alys Analyzer

The dashboard allows vendors to drill into each partner’s skills.

Alys Dashboard

Positive feedback from vendors and partners

Alys projects succeed by providing benefits for all stakeholders.

What areas could you assess?

Business metrics

Business metrics

  • Revenue growth
  • Revenue mix
  • Consumption models
  • Recruitment
  • Investment in training
  • Automation
Managed services

Managed services

  • Recurring revenue
  • Portfolio depth and breadth
  • Software development
  • Technical resources
  • Regulatory understanding


  • Security practice metrics
  • Managed security skills
  • Threat hunter capabilities
  • Trusted advisor status


  • Asset creation
  • Digital marketing skills
  • Use of marketing spend
Customer focus

Customer focus

  • Customer success
  • Customer engagement
  • Vertical focus
  • CRM
  • Cross-sell
  • New customer acquisition


  • ESG
  • Environmental KPIs
  • DIE initiatives
  • Carbon footprints

Gain customized deeper insights to evaluate channel partners at scale and engage with them digitally.