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You can engage with Canalys to use our standard service content assets in your campaigns, to provide insights for your customers and followers. We can also provide new, customized analysis through our various custom solutions. Through these we can offer thought leadership to best engage your target audience.

Our global team of analysts, together with our in-house digital and marketing teams, are available to share their expertise. We’ll assist in ensuring you get the outcomes you need for your campaigns.


Our capabilities

Off-the-shelf or customized reports

Social media, PR and other assets

Blogs and other digital marketing content

Presentations, moderating and workshops

Data and forecasts

Image and report rights


We can create reports, ebooks, blogs, presentations and workshops designed to support content marketing by addressing your customers’ most important questions. Our research is supported by senior Canalys analysts, consultants and Candefero and is complemented by Canalys’ continuous services, which bring rich analysis, insight and expertise.

Our content ensures a comprehensive understanding of the issues. We always deliver independent conclusions and strong recommendations. We always deliver independent conclusions and strong recommendations. We have specializations in particular areas , but often explore new, emerging topics to support our clients.


Example independent reports and research


Custom Solutions Reports


We also work with our clients to provide social media assets, branded tiles, data cuts, distribution rights and analyst commentary. These are available as one-time, topic- or data-related graphics or to work into a regular schedule.

Clients of Canalys subscription services also receive support for PR, whether it’s data points or independent analyst quotes. Our custom research agreements and distribution rights also often cover PR, social media and blog support – please check with your account manager for details.

We are independent analysts, and Canalys and our people do not endorse vendors, products or services, unless our research supports this.

Further recent examples of how we’ve worked with clients include:


Our other custom solutions

Partner Assessment
Partner Assessment

Marketing Solutions
Marketing Solutions

Customised Data
Customised Data

Market Entry
Market Entry

Interested in working with Canalys on tailoring a project to your needs?

Our team of global consultants and analysts looks forward to the opportunity to explore new areas, provide deeper insights and bespoke analysis