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Case study

The client was a major global cybersecurity vendor. It had recently introduced a new partner program and was looking to undertake a research program to understand partners’ perception of the new program and to provide input to help enhance its partner program offerings. The client wanted to understand how its primary competitors encouraged and managed partners. It also wanted to identify how its program offerings compared with those of competitors and recommendations on where to prioritize.
The project was timed to support and inform the client’s EMEA partner event.


Understand partner perception of new program
Make improvements to incentives


Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, EMEA, US


Online survey
Vendor survey campaign
Expert interviews
Final presentation

How we helped

Canalys was selected for its expertise in analyzing go-to-market strategies, its partner program research, and its experience in conducting global market analysis.

  • Online survey: Canalys held a kick-off meeting with relevant members of the client team. Based on this, Canalys produced an online survey of 15 to 20 questions.
  • Survey campaign: Canalys produced an online survey of their own partner community. The client wanted an EMEA perspective on its program, so the survey was translated into five languages.
  • Expert partner interviews: Canalys conducted free-flowing interviews with partners. Each 30-minute interview covered the main topics as agreed with client: how does the client’s program compare with those of key competitors? What gaps exist in the program that it must address to compete? What elements of the client’s program are unique? How do partners rate their experience of doing business with the client?
  • Analysis and conclusions: Canalys analyzed the survey results and provided the client with an initial response in time for the partner event. Canalys combined the results of the online survey with its ongoing research into partner programs to provide the client with key conclusions and actionable insights.
  • Final presentation and report: The client had the option for project findings to be delivered via either a two-hour webinar or in-person presentation and discussion session at a UK venue of its choice. The final report included survey feedback, conclusions and recommendations.


Client outcome

Canalys highlighted key issues and feedback on the new partner program. It was able to show how this compared with a previous study conducted four years ago and show how the vendor benchmarked against key competitors. The client then used the findings to further communicate the new program benefits to existing and prospective partners.


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