World-leading companies turn to Canalys to provide independent insights and thought leadership in virtual and physical presentations. Our diverse and global team of expert analysts are engaged to speak at conferences, partner advisor boards, workshops and more.


Speaking Engagements

Our content can help the journey to your customers. A Canalys presentation, whether virtual or physical, gives you:

  • World-renowned and independent analysis.
  • Access to an experienced team to support you and your event.
  • Access to a global team that can present in multiple languages.

We typically recommend that presentations are no longer than 20 minutes, given todays “TED Talk” attention spans! Our analysts have given much shorter two-minute “lightning talks”, five-minute market snapshots for virtual events and longer sessions, including Q&As. Our analysts are also highly experienced at running workshops, moderating panels and emceeing. We are regularly involved in partner advisory boards with C-level and senior executive teams.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and to see how we can help bring insights and energy to your event.


Five major forces - Alex Smith
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Virtual presentations
Canalys is highly experienced in running its own virtual events, the Canalys Forums. We have in-house studio, production, graphics, editorial and events expertise. In addition to first-rate content and delivery from our analysts, we can bring clients high-quality video presentations designed to engage and hold the attention of your audience. We offer:
  • Professional equipment to deliver high-quality video presentations.
  • Software expertise that helps make your ideas a reality – leave boring static presentations behind!
  • Fully edited video with integrated slides that minimize the work for your team.
  • Digital overlays that fit the brand and style of your event.
  • Animated data overlays and best-in-class graphics.
  • Recording from our office studios, homes or external studios.


Watch some of our previous presentations and meet our speakers :


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We would love the opportunity to discuss ideas with you for your upcoming presentations, workshops, panels or event hosting requirements – whether virtual or physical.


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