Sustainable Channels Analysis

Assisting vendors channel strategies to enable a more sustainable future

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals have become a core part of vendors’ KPIs. While a focus on environmental sustainability creates business value, investors and organizations are starting to realize the importance of the non-financial benefits. The technology industry is facing up to its role and responsibilities in addressing climate change. An ESG focus also provides greater purpose and meaning to employees and partners.

Sustainability initiatives and legislation continue to vary widely around the world. For vendors to successfully achieve their goals, they must develop messaging and drive action with their channel partners and customers. The process works both ways, with customers turning to their suppliers to help meet ESG goals. The Canalys Sustainable Channels Analysis service is designed to help IT vendors assess key sustainability channel trends among their competitors, and across the channel and customers. Through our research and surveys via our community of channel partners, Canalys analysts help vendors assess trends, regional and country developments, and channel partner opinions to make the right investments. This is all delivered through analyst reports, presentations and our inquiry service.

Canalys is a world leader in researching how vendors, partners and customers are addressing ESG issues. We believe that every individual and every organization can play a part in helping the planet toward a sustainable future, whether large or small. In 2022, we launched the Canalys Sustainable Channels Initiative the basis of which was building a network of sustainability-focused partners.

The Sustainable Channels Analysis service helps vendors in many ways:

Unlimited inquiry

Direct access to analysts who respond to questions within the topic scope within 24 hours.

Sustainability Leadership Matrix

See which vendors are leading in their sustainability efforts.

Trends analysis

Frequent quantitative and qualitative research on ESG trends and developments affecting the IT industry.

Dedicated quarterly briefings

Tailored quarterly briefings to key internal stakeholders from highly experienced analysts.

Conclusions and advice

Insights and recommendations delivered through analytical reports, which allow you to take the next steps in your ESG investments and goals focused on the channel.

Canalys’ Sustainable Channels Analysis service includes

Sustainable Analysis
  • Global overview of sustainability developments in the IT channel.
  • Regular analytical reports on key areas, including vendor sustainability channel strategies, key channel partner and distributor sustainability activities, market development and regulatory analysis.
  • Channel surveys tracking the growth and development of sustainability initiatives focused on the channel.
  • Sustainability Leadership Matrix.
  • Tailored client support via our inquiry service.
  • Research agenda includes: ​
    • Global vendor performance tracking.
    • Vendor and channel best practices.
    • Country sustainability maturity index.
    • Sustainable channel developments.
    • Sustainable channel business model evolution.
    • Competitive analysis.

Our content

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Sustainability is a growing focus for technology vendors and, increasingly, this focus can be seen in channel program strategies. But vendors’ channel strategies are frequently not aligned with their stated sustainability objectives in one important way: they do not allow, or encourage, partners to push sales of refurbished/recycled devices to their customers. What should vendors do to fully support partners in the circular economy and what are the implications for partners and vendors?
Sustainability in 2021: A look at what happened over the last 12 months
2021 saw organizations in the channel recover strongly and adapt their operations to the new normal defined by pandemic-induced disruptions. Sustainability has been a key area of discussion in 2021 as companies in the IT industry continue to map out long-term strategies. Channel partners will continue to play an essential role in the supply chain if they follow market trends driven by new customer requirements and vendor initiatives.
Sustainability in 2022
Coming into the new year, sustainability continues to be at the heart of future development opportunities. As more stringent regulations come into force, actors along the ICT supply chain will continue to pursue sustainability efforts to meet them.
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Smartphones are rated on their environmental impact, helping consumers make unbiased decisions and motivating vendors to focus on sustainability
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Sustainability was one of the key topics at the APAC Canalys Forums in November 2021. At the event, Canalys gathered various APAC partners and vendors to talk about the circular economy in the region.
Expert Hubs 2021: environmental KPIs
Expert Hubs 2021: the circular economy
Sustainability was a key theme of the Canalys Forum EMEA in October 2021. We covered topics such as the circular economy, environmental KPIs and energy. This blog summarizes the key points discussed about the circular economy.
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Our new Sustainability 360 Assessment tool brings help to the channel.
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Sustainability awareness continues to grow worldwide amid strong media advocacy, and pressure from governments and businesses. And major technology vendors are taking on a more active role in sustainability efforts as part of their global corporate citizenship and leadership efforts.
Partners must look to sustainability to boost their businesses
In the past decade, technology vendors have been increasing sustainability targets across environmental and social metrics. Technology channel partners, for the most part, have not. Many smaller IT partners don’t have the resources to design sustainability programs, or customers demanding sustainable practices. Meanwhile, technology companies have larger environmental footprints so the pressure to act is greater. But this situation is changing rapidly.

Access and support

Unlimited inquiry
Unlimited inquiry
Direct access to analysts who respond to questions within the topic scope within 24 hours
Feature-rich tools, unlimited access
Feature-rich tools, unlimited access
Individual access to client website, spreadsheets and published content
Trends analysis
Trends analysis
Frequent data and analysis reports produced using a strict methodology and global definitions
Conclusions and advice
Conclusions and advice
Insight and recommendations delivered via analytical reports and direct access to our experienced analyst team

Get in-depth analysis of the trends in sustainability affecting vendors and the channel