Channel Management

Case study

The client was a cloud infrastructure vendor looking for external guidance to identify the top cloud distributors in key countries across EMEA. It wanted to analyze opportunities for partnership with key distributors and to understand their market position in relation to its primary distributor.


Identifying top distributors
Understand opportunities to scale


Leading cloud infrastructure vendor
Eight European countries


Distributor research
Marketplace assessment
Partner perception survey

Canalys methodology and deliverables

The purpose of this project was to ensure the client was fully using its opportunities to grow through distributor cloud marketplaces in EMEA.

  • Distributor research: Canalys combined existing channel data and trends research with targeted desk research to create a bespoke deliverable for the client. Canalys identified the top three cloud distributors in eight European countries, investments each distributor had made in cloud marketplaces, total revenue per country and via each marketplace, and current vendors transacting through marketplaces.
  • Marketplace assessment: Canalys maintains databases of the leading distributors in EMEA, by country, with estimates on sales performance across key technology lines. We identified which distributors had made significant investments in their own cloud marketplaces and interviewed them.
  • Partner perception of distribution marketplaces: Canalys surveyed partners across EMEA to understand their experience with distributor marketplaces.


Client outcome

Canalys advised the client to consider its mix of global and local distribution. We highlighted the current use of cloud marketplaces, the perception of cloud marketplaces and how partners engaged with such sales models. This enabled the client to consider its distribution investments.

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