Channel Development

Case study

The client, a global hardware and software vendor, wanted to understand why more partners were not actively developing unique IP and software and to encourage partners to invest in this capability.


Develop best practice
Create partner roadmap


Global SaaS vendor
France, Germany, UK


10 expert interviews
Analysis of support and solution deployment

How we helped

The client wanted to communicate the importance of developing unique software and services to enhance partner profitability. Canalys was selected to identify the reasons why certain partners had been successful at developing applications but not others. The client sought to use these areas of best practice to entice more partners to invest in software development and create roadmaps for partners to follow.

  • Interviews with leading partners: Canalys conducted 10 interviews with partners at the forefront of software development. We looked at how partners developed applications, used support from the vendor, how their organization supported development teams and how solutions were deployed in the market.
  • Analysis and conclusions: Canalys provided the client with key conclusions and actionable recommendations. Canalys also worked with the client to create a series of three podcasts aimed at helping partners understand the opportunities available to them.


Client outcome

Canalys revealed the lack of consistent strategies and the disparity in software development capabilities among the client’s partners, their fight for talent and the fact its existing program did not cater equally to both immature and mature software development partners. We covered the challenges around APIs and the lack of a standardized approach. We gave the client recommendations that could drive change among its broad range of partner types and sizes.


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