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Global IT Opportunity Analysis

Discover market growth opportunities with an interactive dashboard and high-quality analysis

In the ever-evolving landscape of information technology (IT), understanding the vast potential and seizing growth opportunities is essential for industry leaders and decision-makers. Canalys’ IT Opportunity Analysis is a unique and comprehensive offering that provides a deep dive into the total addressable market. Through an intuitive interactive dashboard, clients gain instant access to historic IT spending estimates and short-term forecasts for eight key categories and 20 technology segments across 49 market geographies.

The IT Opportunity Analysis helps clients in many ways:

Unlimited inquiry

Direct access to analysts who respond to questions related to the topic within 24 hours.

Feature-rich tools and an interactive dashboard with unlimited access to data

Corporate-wide licenses give you individual access to client websites, interactive dashboards, spreadsheets and published content.

Trends analysis

Frequent quantitative and qualitative research on market trends and new market opportunities.

Dedicated quarterly briefings

Tailored quarterly briefings to key internal stakeholders from highly experienced analysts.

Conclusions and advice

Insights and recommendations are delivered through analytical reports, which allow you to take the next steps in the total addressable market.

Global IT Opportunity Analysis includes

  • Total addressable IT market categories:
    • Client computing, imaging and printing
    • Infrastructure
    • Components and peripherals
    • Cybersecurity
    • Unified communications
    • Software
    • IT services
    • Telecommunications services
  • Analysis of 20 technology and services segments
  • Over 49 markets covered
  • Market sizing by routes-to-market
  • Market sizing by end user (micro, small, medium and large organizations)
  • Short-term forecasts by market, segment, route-to-market and end user
  • Regular and ad-hoc analytical reports on the state of the technology industry
  • Business demographics

Revolutionize your decision-making process

Our service emphasizes understanding the vast potential and seizing growth opportunities is essential for industry leaders and decision-makers. The research guides channel leaders, product planning and product marketing to finding growth regions and opportunities in the channel, backed by our data and forecast, to sail through the challenging market dynamics.

IT opportunity

Why Global IT Opportunity Analysis?

Delving deeper into the total addressable, serviceable available and serviceable obtainable markets is crucial for industry leaders and decision-makers to support their strategies. Canalys provides a comprehensive view of the entire IT landscape, routes-to-market and end user trends. The service deliverables include annual total addressable market estimates and forecasts updated each quarter, and research reports analyzing the health of the technology industry. Customers can use our unlimited analyst inquiry service to answer specific questions about their market-sizing needs

Access and support

Unlimited inquiry
Unlimited inquiry
Direct access to analysts who respond to questions within the topic scope within 24 hours
Feature-rich tools, unlimited access
Feature-rich tools, unlimited access
Individual access to client website, spreadsheets and published content
Trends analysis
Trends analysis
Frequent data and analysis reports produced using a strict methodology and global definitions
Conclusions and advice
Conclusions and advice
Insight and recommendations delivered via analytical reports and direct access to our experienced analyst team

Seize your IT opportunities today! Unleash the power of IT Opportunity Analysis

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