Cybersecurity Analysis

Highly detailed quarterly data and forecasts for all cybersecurity

The cybersecurity vendor ecosystem remains highly fragmented and is constantly in a state of change, with new technologies emerging to counter evolving threats and vulnerabilities. Canalys' Cybersecurity analysis is a comprehensive service that offers qualitative and quantitative analysis on route-to-market, end-user and technology deployment for the leading cybersecurity vendors, and insights into new emerging vendors. Canalys provides competitive intelligence information across six security segments: endpoint security, network security, data security, web and email security, vulnerability and security analytics, and identity access management. Quarterly deliverables focus on identifying and analyzing the latest cybersecurity market, vendor trends, and providing updates to the segment's short-term quarterly and longer-term five-year forecasts

The Cybersecurity Analysis service helps clients in many ways:


Understand routes-to-market across six cybersecurity segments, regions, and markets to highlight the differences by tier and key channel categories such as MSSPs.

Market Sizing

Comprehensive market sizing, identifying different segments and channel opportunities with reliable and complete data.

Industry Trends

Gain insights into industry trends, including analysis of vendor performances, market conditions and emerging technologies.

Market dynamics

See the industry changes and technology shifts that influence market dynamics with coverage by a team of global analysts.

Emerging vendors

Quarterly insights into the funding of pre-IPO cybersecurity firms to understand the next generation of vendors and technologies.

Cybersecurity Analysis includes

Cybersecurity Analysis
  • Cybersecurity technology categories covered:
    • Endpoint security
    • Network security
    • Data security
    • Web and email security
    • Vulnerability and security analytics
    • Identity access management
  • Over 55 markets covered
  • Regular and ad-hoc analytical reports on the cybersecurity market:
    • Vendor performance index reports
    • Vendor insight updates
    • Channel opportunity reports
  • Business demographics
  • Uncapped inquiry facility
  • Shipment estimates by 40+ vendors
  • Shipment estimates by channel type
  • Shipment estimates by end-user (micro, small, medium, and large)
  • Short-term quarterly shipment forecasts by country
  • Long-term five-year shipment forecasts by country
  • Canalys Cybersecurity Leadership Matrix
  • Tracking of merger and acquisition activity of the leading vendors
  • Quarterly insights into funding of pre-IPO cybersecurity vendors

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REvil ransomware group targets MSPs on the eve of Independence Day
At 11am ET on Friday, 2 July, a major ransomware attack was launched at MSPs running RMM vendor Kaseya’s on-premises VSA servers. The issue is still evolving and figures for numbers of affected MSPs, customers and data are incomplete.
MSPs must now make cybersecurity their top priority
Headlines about cybersecurity hacks seem to appear on a daily basis, with big-name customers and vendors often affected. These stories are sometimes accompanied by spurious calculations of the amount of money lost by companies to ransomware attacks. The truth is there is no way of calculating the loss, even simply financial, because it happens so often, and the details are almost never known. But for the growing number of managed service providers and their customers, these threats are real. Lives and livelihoods are now at stake. The latest generation of attacks is causing even more concern as the trust we place in the software we all rely on has been shaken to its foundations.
A tale of two acquisition strategies
Since the start of 2018 Cisco and Palo Alto Networks have each, coincidentally, spent approximately $2.4 billion acquiring security companies. Yet the two companies had very different acquisition strategies: Cisco bought two security companies while Palo Alto Networks acquired ten.
The impact of COVID-19 on the automotive industry
The global sales of passenger cars has declined for the last two years and the outlook for 2020 was for another low single-digit percentage decline. Then COVID-19 struck, and the impact is already dramatic.
The APAC channel fights back against COVID-19
COVID-19 has affected hundreds of thousands of people and is having a growing impact on the global economy. The S&P ratings remain optimistic, forecasting economic growth in APAC of 4.0% this year, against the 4.8% estimate given in December. Some markets are either managing the crisis well, or have passed the worst of it, while others are still in a cautious phase.
The US economy catches COVID-19
The US could see COVID-19 coming but its true impact is yet to be revealed. As of this report’s publication, the full effects on society are unknown, as are the economic ramifications. Governments, private industry and consumers will all have to work together to mitigate this global crisis and help the economy and society get back on track, but it may be a long road.

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Unlimited inquiry
Unlimited inquiry
Direct access to analysts who respond to questions within the topic scope within 24 hours
Feature-rich tools, unlimited access
Feature-rich tools, unlimited access
Individual access to client website, spreadsheets and published content
Trends analysis
Trends analysis
Frequent data and analysis reports produced using a strict methodology and global definitions
Conclusions and advice
Conclusions and advice
Insight and recommendations delivered via analytical reports and direct access to our experienced analyst team

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