Wearable Band Analysis

Highly detailed quarterly data and forecasts for all wearable band

Global wearable technology shipments are growing fast. Advances in technology have seen wristwatches and smartwatches take over from basic bands. Vendors are attempting a big generational leap in smartwatch technologies, striving to improve their products’ user interfaces, battery life, charging and types of sensors, and to broaden their ecosystems of health and fitness services.

Canalys’ Wearable Band Analysis service provides qualitative and quantitative insights into the wearable band market and addresses the areas where vendors can improve. Our best-in-class service guides vendors and partners to make the right decisions on value propositions, choose the right channel partners and enhance go-to-market strategies to engage in different markets worldwide.

The Wearable Band Analysis service helps clients in many ways:


Learn best practices for go-to-market models across regions and markets, with a focus on vendors’ market and product strategies.

Market sizing

Understand the size of the market and identify different market and channel opportunities with reliable and comprehensive data.

Industry trends

Distinguish actual industry trends from hype, and understand the latest industry developments, including new device launches, modern technologies and innovative features.

Market dynamics

See the industry changes and technology shifts that influence market dynamics with coverage by a team of global analysts.

Ecosystem strategies and Use cases

Realize the potential of a robust ecosystem strategy by benchmarking against market leaders and exploring critical vertical use-cases.

Wearable Band Analysis includes

Wearable Analysis
  • Device categories covered:
    • Basic bands
    • Basic watches
    • Smartwatches
  • Over 30 markets covered
  • Shipment estimates by 20+ vendors
  • 40+ models and specifications
  • Shipment estimates by channel type and channel group
  • Shipment estimates by end-user transaction (online/offline)
  • Five-year shipment forecasts by country
  • Five year installed base forecasts by country
  • Regular and ad-hoc analytical reports on the wearable band market:
    • Wearable band market overviews
    • Wearable band vendor strategy outlooks
    • Channel development updates
    • Key takeaways from significant events, such as IFA, CES and MWC.

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Canalys updates its client PC shipment forecast estimates in the seventh week of every quarter. While the data is designed to help its clients by providing appropriate metrics that can serve as a feed to their internal planning processes, Canalys also supplements this data with key assumptions that can affect, both positively and negatively, demand for and supply of PC shipments worldwide.
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In our previous release, Canalys forecast a 7% decline in smartphone shipments between Q4 2019 and Q1 2020, and an 8% fall for PCs. But given currently available information, we are dramatically revised our forecasts to a 40%-to-50% drop for smartphones and 20% for PCs, with the proviso that the situation recovers to pre-outbreak levels by the end of February, giving the market a full month to recover in March.
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Unlimited inquiry
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Feature-rich tools, unlimited access
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Trends analysis
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Conclusions and advice
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