Smart Personal Audio Analysis

Highly detailed quarterly data and forecasts for all smart personal audio

Personal audio is evolving rapidly. Smart personal audio devices – wireless earphones, headphones and True Wireless Stereo (TWS) – allow individual interaction with smart assistants via voice and intelligent sensors.

Canalys studies the market in the face of changing global trends. Canalys’ Smart Personal Audio Analysis is a service that provides qualitative and quantitative insight into the market for smart personal audio devices. It guides vendors and partners to make the right decisions on value propositions, choose the right channel partners and sell on the appropriate platforms to engage in different markets worldwide.

The Smart Personal Audio Analysis service helps clients in many ways:


Learn best practices for go-to-market models across regions and markets, with a focus on vendors’ market and product strategies.

Market sizing

Understand the size of the market and identify different market and channel opportunities with reliable and comprehensive data.

Industry trends

Distinguish actual industry trends from hype, and understand the latest industry developments, including new device launches, modern technologies and innovative features.

Market dynamics

See the industry changes and technology shifts that influence market dynamics with coverage by a team of global analysts.

Ecosystem strategies and use cases

Realize the potential of a robust ecosystem strategy by benchmarking against market leaders and exploring critical vertical use-cases.

Smart Personal Audio Analysis includes

 SMart Audio Analysis
  • Smart personal audio quarterly shipment estimates by individual model and spec for 15+ vendors
  • Over 30 markets covered
  • Five-year forecasts by vendor, platform, category and models, updated quarterly
  • Five-year installed base forecasts by year and country, updated quarterly
  • Vendor product and marketing strategies​
  • Analytical reports covering key announcements and industry changes​
  • Supply and demand value chain​
  • Design your service​

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Unlimited inquiry
Unlimited inquiry
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Feature-rich tools, unlimited access
Feature-rich tools, unlimited access
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Trends analysis
Frequent data and analysis reports produced using a strict methodology and global definitions
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Conclusions and advice
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