Cloud Channels Analysis

Highly detailed quarterly data and forecasts for all cloud channels

Businesses are undergoing a rapid digital transformation due to fundamental changes in workplace and consumption habits; most companies are turning to the cloud to help manage this transition. Yet governance, compliance and cybersecurity, and the complexity of multi-cloud and hybrid IT models are also influencing adoption trends. Analysis of the development of cloud business models is of utmost importance for channel partners and vendors.

Canalys’ Cloud channels analysis is a unique global service analyzing the rapidly growing IaaS and SaaS cloud business models, providing timely quarterly data on the adoption of cloud services and the performance of the leading cloud service providers. The service is supported by channel insights on the development of partner ecosystems and go-to-market models, built on Canalys’ strong foundation in channels research.

The Cloud Channels Analysis service helps clients in many ways:

Go-to-market analysis

Gain unrivalled insight into the rapidly evolving channels to market for cloud, including marketplaces, distribution, ecosystem partnerships and managed services.

Feature-rich tools with unlimited access to research and analysis

Corporate-wide licenses give you individual access to client websites, spreadsheets and published content.

Market sizing

Understand the dynamics of public cloud markets, with quarterly tracking of global IaaS and SaaS cloud services, split by vendor, market share, country, channel and forecasts.

Competitive insights and best practice

Learn the strategic direction and priorities of the leading cloud providers, delivered via analytical reports and presentations that provide insights into the latest developments, sales performance and go-to-market.

Tailored advice and recommendations

Insight and recommendations delivered to key stakeholders by highly experienced analysts, which help you take the next steps in your strategy.

Cloud Channels Analysis includes

Cloud Analysis
  • Quarterly tracking of the value of IaaS and SaaS cloud services performance and market shares by vendor
  • Quarterly forecasts
  • Assessment of the strategies and go-to-market models of the leading cloud providers
  • Cloud go-to-market strategies: ecosystem/partnership models, marketplaces, distribution and more
  • Point of View reports evaluating the performance and approach of the leading cloud providers
  • Candefero channel partner surveys: cloud adoption/new business models, performance/profitability, and channel perception of cloud provider/vendor strategies
  • Issued reports addressing key client priorities in the channel, responding to industry developments and cloud go-to-market best practice
  • Quarterly market performance presentations and analysis of key developments

Our content

Press release
2021 年中国云支出增长 45%,2022 年有望突破新高
Press release
China’s cloud spend up 45% in 2021 bringing high expectations for 2022
Press release
Global cloud services spend exceeds US$50 billion in Q4 2021 
Press release
China’s cloud infrastructure services spend grows 43% in Q3 2021 as competition intensifies 
Press release
Global cloud services spend hits record US$49.4 billion in Q3 2021
Press release
Chinese regulators impede cloud growth
The impact of COVID-19 on the automotive industry
The global sales of passenger cars has declined for the last two years and the outlook for 2020 was for another low single-digit percentage decline. Then COVID-19 struck, and the impact is already dramatic.
The APAC channel fights back against COVID-19
COVID-19 has affected hundreds of thousands of people and is having a growing impact on the global economy. The S&P ratings remain optimistic, forecasting economic growth in APAC of 4.0% this year, against the 4.8% estimate given in December. Some markets are either managing the crisis well, or have passed the worst of it, while others are still in a cautious phase.
The US economy catches COVID-19
The US could see COVID-19 coming but its true impact is yet to be revealed. As of this report’s publication, the full effects on society are unknown, as are the economic ramifications. Governments, private industry and consumers will all have to work together to mitigate this global crisis and help the economy and society get back on track, but it may be a long road.
Global PC market to fall by 3.4% in 2020 in best-case scenario
Canalys updates its client PC shipment forecast estimates in the seventh week of every quarter. While the data is designed to help its clients by providing appropriate metrics that can serve as a feed to their internal planning processes, Canalys also supplements this data with key assumptions that can affect, both positively and negatively, demand for and supply of PC shipments worldwide.
Canalys Cast - What's Hot - episode 1
What's Hot is a brand new segment where leading Canalys analysts discuss channel partners' views on the latest technology news. In episode 1, we talk about Symantec divesting its services arm, AMD CEO Lisa Su joining Cisco, McAfee getting new leadership, and IBM's future in cloud as Virginia Rometty announces her departure as CEO and completes her journey by guiding Big Blue into a new era.
Coronavirus set to upset China’s smart device market
In our previous release, Canalys forecast a 7% decline in smartphone shipments between Q4 2019 and Q1 2020, and an 8% fall for PCs. But given currently available information, we are dramatically revised our forecasts to a 40%-to-50% drop for smartphones and 20% for PCs, with the proviso that the situation recovers to pre-outbreak levels by the end of February, giving the market a full month to recover in March.

Access and support

Unlimited inquiry
Unlimited inquiry
Direct access to analysts who respond to questions within the topic scope within 24 hours
Feature-rich tools, unlimited access
Feature-rich tools, unlimited access
Individual access to client website, spreadsheets and published content
Trends analysis
Trends analysis
Frequent data and analysis reports produced using a strict methodology and global definitions
Conclusions and advice
Conclusions and advice
Insight and recommendations delivered via analytical reports and direct access to our experienced analyst team

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