Digital Cockpit Analysis

Comprehensive worldwide analysis of the providers of automotive digital cockpits and the ways solutions are being implemented

Passenger cars are being transformed. They are increasingly autonomous, connected, electric and software dependent. The in-car experience in new vehicles is being built around the digital cockpit and an automotive OS, connecting automotive features (such as driver assistance, infotainment, navigation and comfort), multi-modal user interfaces, apps, other smart devices and the cloud. Several technology companies and automotive OEMs are developing digital cockpits. A growing list of car models now include a digital cockpit, and the ecosystem is expanding rapidly. The very nature of digital cockpit platforms is that they are flexible and scalable – car makers can customize and personalize solutions, and features and functions can improve and evolve with software and firmware delivered via over-the-air updates.
Canalys studies the digital cockpit market in the face of changing global trends. Canalys’ Digital Cockpit Analysis service provides qualitative and quantitative insights into the digital cockpit and automotive operating system markets. It guides technology companies and automotive OEMs to make the right decisions on their solutions’ features, choose the right channel partners and sell on the appropriate platforms to engage in different markets around the world.
The Automotive Digital Cockpit Analysis service helps clients in many ways:

Vendor profiles

Get a deep dive into the solutions and strategies of the world’s leading vendors.

Industry trends

Keep up to date with regular reports covering the latest market developments and strategic partnerships.

Market dynamics

See the industry changes, and technology and ecosystem shifts that influence market dynamics with coverage by a team of global analysts.

Consumer research

Discover what drivers around the world use in cars today and what they’ll be using in the future.

Market sizing

Understand the size of the market, both historical and forecast, and the leading players in the world’s major markets.

Automotive Digital Cockpit Analysis includes

Digital Cockpit
  • Detailed competitive global industry analysis reports.
  • Comparison of available digital cockpit solutions and automotive operating systems.
  • Bi-annual market trends reports.
  • Continuously updated collaborations database.
  • Regular consumer surveys in China, Europe and the US, providing results and analysis.
  • Annual digital cockpit market-sizing information for major markets.
  • Five-year digital cockpit forecasts by year, platform and major market, updated annually or on request.
  • Five-year digital cockpit installed base forecasts by year, platform and major market, updated annually or on request.
  • Analytical reports covering key announcements and industry changes.
  • “Design your own service” options.

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Unlimited inquiry
Unlimited inquiry
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Feature-rich tools, unlimited access
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Trends analysis
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Conclusions and advice
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