Vendor Benchmark Analyzer

Find out what your partners are thinking

Accelerate your growth by helping your partners grow with the Canalys Vendor Benchmark Analyzer - a key feature of the Canalys Channels and Partner Program Analysis services. The VB Analyzer collates channel partners’ experiences of working with vendors and other partners and allows for easy cross-comparison. It is a simple, comprehensive and insightful benchmarking tool for evaluating the companies you work with.

The Canalys Vendor Benchmark Analyzer tool can help you grow your partnerships by providing easy-to-understand information about how you are performing against your competitors, based on rigorous channels research.

The newly enriched VB Analyzer shows the strengths and weaknesses of each partner across three major categories of channel management and 12 key areas:

Programs and enablement

  • Training
  • Marketing
  • Tech support
  • Accreditations

Sales engagement

  • Leads
  • Margin
  • Pricing
  • Growth opportunities

Partner experience

  • Account management
  • Portals
  • Channel commitment
  • Ease of doing business

Vendor scores are determined by two important factors: an average across the 12 key topics and the recency of vendor feedback. Evaluation of your performance in the channel can be gathered by three primary routes:

  • Partner portal integration: Embed the partner interface into your existing partner portal
  • Campaign drive: The portal provides a unique link that can be used to send campaigns via your network channels
  • Candefero: Capture responses via Canalys’ exclusive online global channel community

How can you use the tool?

Your VB Analyzer dashboard is structured into tabs, giving you an overall visual representation of its insights. Interactive dashboards and new features are released regularly so that you and your partners can deliver consistent performance across the supply chain.

The dashboard offers the following key data tabs:

Summary: See top-level insights, such as current scores and trends over time.


Analytics: Get detailed breakdowns across key areas, such as category breakdowns, partner-level details and geographic insights.


Demographics: Capture key demographic information from partners that have given feedback.


Comparison tool: Compare your scores with those of your peers across the industry.


Ratings and reviews: Read and respond to the ratings that partners have given you.


How does Canalys help vendors track channel partner performance?

Listen to Alex Smith, VP Channels, Canalys, in conversation with Steven Kiernan, Senior Director Worldwide Sales, explaining how the Canalys Vendor Benchmark tracks the performance of channel partners, on what parameters they are scored and how they can strategize better to improve their partner performance.

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